Welcome to my photography blog. All the pictures on this site were taken on film and hand processed by me in my seaside laboratory.  It’s been a great summer down here in sunny Worthing – please check out the links below for highlights of my blog.

Autumn Light brings dramatic effects

Crossing the wobbly bridge from the Tate modern to St Paul’s

And dinosaurs!

Worthing Pride day








A trip to the Angmering Oval Raceway

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Take a look at my new collection of trichromic images – colour pictures from black & white film.

Worthing Beach Trichrome

Definitely not digital photography

All the photographs on this site were shot on film and hand developed by the site curator.


Steve Wallace is an amateur photographer who shoots only on film – and processes all the work himself.


Autumn In Worthing on Kodak high speed colour film

The autumn season brings some dramatic light, nice shadows, golden hour colours – and a huge tanker topping up the sea with pure sussex water. Autumn Gallery ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   Plus there are one or two shops in the town centre available to let if you’re interested. And a trip to the …


This site is run by Steve Wallace, based in Worthing – a beautiful seaside town in West Sussex, England.