I am fascinated by traditional photography using film.  I started out with a pinhole camera and got hooked – moving up to 35mm and 120 film cameras quite quickly.  I have produced film strips which I have exhibited as part of the Worthing Artists Open Houses.

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Take a look at my new collection of trichromic images – colour pictures from black & white film.

Definitely not digital photography

All the photographs on this site were shot on film and hand developed by the site curator.


Steve Wallace is an amateur photographer who shoots only on film – and processes all the work himself.


Trichromic Photography

These photos were taken using the trichrome technique: each is made up of three black & white images shot through a primary colour filter. Red, Green and Blue.  Then combined to make a colour image.  These are my first attempts – I love the colour fringes when the camera moves between shots, or the ghostly …


This site is run by Steve Wallace, based in Worthing – a beautiful seaside town in West Sussex, England.