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Worthing Christmas Wedding

There are many brilliant pictures of my daughter Daisy’s marriage to the brilliant Joel, these ones I took on Fujichrome Superia Premium 400 (A great mouthful of a film). Shot using my lovely old Canon MC 35mm shooter with detatchable flash.

December the 18th 2021- Worthing looking wonderful and so was the wedding!

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A trip to Glasgow

August 2021 – grabbing a trip to Glasgow whilst the coast is clear.

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A trip to Minehead

Summer 2021 – we can’t get to France or anywhere in mainland europe thanks to covid and Brexit – the two things together might be called Coxit or Brevid. So – Bob the Dog and I took a trip down to Minehead via Salisbury and Bridport. We had a lovely time.

Black & White Dog Family

Spring 2021

After the lock up of 2020, Spring 2021 offered the chance for people to get together – and so we did! These photos shot on Ilford HP5 and the first film I’d processed by hand for many months – I could almost still do it!

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Religious looking light

Kodak E100 slide film is great at capturing the rather religious looking light that shone in my garden on this day in August.

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Summer 2020 on E100

During the summer we did manage to meet up with our family – very carefully with an eye on the virus and attention to social distancing. The sun came out a couple of days and so I thought I’d try out the new Kodak E100 slide film. Processing slides at home is hard – I use the Bellini E6 kit and but it from Nik and Trick in Folkstone. You have to screw up your courage before embarking on the processing – but I’m happy with the results – at least as a first go.

Colour Negatives Half Frame Worthing Life

Locked down with half the family and a half frame Olympus EE2

This is my Olympus Pen EE camera. It’s a great little camera which has an automatic exposure control and low light warning – which work off the power generated by its built in light sensitive cell and does not need a battery. This is a half frame camera – which means it takes images on 35mm film which are half the usual size. With this camera you get 48 images from a 24 shot film – or even a few more.

Olympus EE 2

I bought this camera on ebay from a seller in the Netherlands – in fact in the back of the camera is a label for a camera shop in Amersfoort. A beautiful town!

Anyway – here are the pictures which I tool during May and June 2020 while we were locked down and the weather was beautiful. Shot on Fujicolor 200 and processed in the sink.

Black & White Pets

Locked down and puppy

So – we’re about four weeks into our Corvid 19 lock down and I fixed the light leak in my Olympus OM-30 – I took these photos as a test, but they turned out grand – because if you take a picture of 16 week old Labrador you cannot take a bad picture.

Colour Negatives Pets

Bob the new dog!

What a great birthday I had this February – ladies and gentlemen I present Bobby our new black Labrador puppy – Bob for short.

Worthing Life

Beautiful Worthing

Let’s face it. Worthing is beautiful and it’s practically always sunny here. These photos on Kodacolor taken with a Canon EOS 3000 in late summer 2019 – when you could walk about!